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Link Exchange and Yahoo Pipes - Step by Step

by Nickolay Bokhonok
As promised in my previous article "Link Exchange and Yahoo Pipes" today I am going to show step by step how anyone can use Yahoo Pipes technology to get better effect from the link building.
I have recently made a test and created special Yahoo pipe which had three aims: - get better Yahoo exposure/indexing; - get more traffic from visitors of Yahoo Pipes; - get more potential link exchange partners.
Today I am going to explain how exactly I made it.
I created a special Yahoo pipe where I submitted the RSS feeds on my sites that had link building directories. The beauty of Yahoo Pipes technology is that other people, who liked the way this or that pipe can simply click 'Clone' link and get this pipe ready for their editing.
Why Editing?
Because when you clone any pipe, you get the access to edit it any way you wish. And this is where the spin-off effect starts. People see my pipe, see from having my RSS feeds inside it I can really succeed with my aims (indexing, traffic and more link partners). They want to have the same, so they clone the pipe and ... add their own RSS feeds of link directories. Now all others who see this pipe will see MY directories plus THEIR directories. And then it becomes a snowball, with more and more people adding their feeds to the base.
The results of this strategy can be amazing!
First of all, the more people clone this pipe, the more popular it is in the eyes of Yahoo - hence, the faster is Yahoo indexing to all new pages in the link directories that submitted their feeds to the pipe. And deep indexing of all directory pages by Yahoo is a great victory.
Secondly, the more popular is any pipe, the more people see it. Hence, any site has more potential traffic.
And the third advantage - the more people see the directories, the more chances that you will catch 'some extra' good link partners for the sites, because people like joining winners.
How to Create Yahoo Pipe?
(1) Register Yahoo Account.
(2) Go to http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/ and click 'create a new pipe' button. This will send you to graphical interface where you can play with feeds any way you like: sort them, make them searchable for keywords, filter for unnecessary elements, etc.
BUT, before you start doing it yourself, better pick a good pipe and clone it. Because thus you will get a ready made pipe that you can experiment with and see the guts of this technology.
(3) Once your pipe is made, publish it, and Yahoo will do the rest. Yahoo promotes pipes and sends people there, Yahoo indexes the sites that submitted their feeds, because Yahoo wants to push this technology, hence it is quite logical that they help a little in indexing. So this is a great chance to use this opportunity.
Yahoo Pipes technology will help not only link exchange. You can make your articles more visible by submitting their RSS feed to the pipe. Or you can make your site network more visible. Anything that has RSS feed can give you extra help in Yahoo. Use Yahoo Pipes, and you will see that they really help.
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Nickolay Bokhonok - inventor & owner of Internet marketing tools. Get Free Link Exchange Script + Free Content Building Tool as BONUS to Link Exchange Tool


Secrets Of Blogging And Adsense - How To Tap Into The Riches Waiting For You Tod...

by Fabian Tan
There are a few ways to make money online without having to make any investment. The truth is, without having any costs to deal with, the earlier it is you'll get into profit. Today we are going to look into one of those ways to make money online without using any money - and that is through blogging.
Blogging is very popular nowadays and even people who are not Net savvy know what blogging is. Many bloggers have started adding Adsense ads onto their blogs. If they know their blog is receiving lots of traffic, then it is only sensible to monetize it. And Adsense is one of the easiest ways to monetize a site in minutes. In fact, it's as easy as dragging up the code from your Adsense account, copy and then paste onto your blog. You can do all this in your blog's control panel.
So how do you drive traffic to your blog so that you can make money? It's simple, provide intriguing content! The blog community loves unique content that makes them do one of two things: laugh, or think! If you can make them do either one of these two things, then your blog is sure to get lots of traffic and interest.
The trick to getting lots of viewers to your blog is to ping it after every post. Pinging means alerting the search engines and blog directories that you have added new content to your blog. Now that you know how this whole blogging business works, go create one today!
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Fabian Tan makes a short trip to his office everyday - his home! In 2006, he 'murdered' his job and now earns a solid income online. Go behind the scenes to discover more of his job-killing strategies and secrets

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

by Fabian Tan
Improving your website's ability to do what you want it to do (capture a subscriber or get a sale) is one of the most important skills you'll possess. If you ask me, having this skill has the possibility to increase your profits by 200% to 300%. Traffic still remains a the number one key factor, but imagine if you drive 100 visitors to your website everyday, and one buys. If you can make two people buy instead, you have just doubled your profit. It is a simple concept, but implementing it can be a slightly different story. In this article I'm going to discuss 5 easy ways to skyrocket your website conversion rates.
Adding a guarantee
This is one of the number one rules of a web page if you are selling something, especially if it is a high-ticket item. You want to give your customer an element of safety when he purchases. This is especially so on the web where the consumer can't see or feel the product for himself! Adding a guarantee tells the customer that you have confidence in your product. Sure, some customers will rip you off, but you'll make far more sales with a guarantee.
Having an attention-grabbing headline
The headline is the first, and sometimes the only thing, your visitor will read. If you can grab your visitor's emotions with your headline, it is more likely he will stay to read the rest of your website's copy. The more your visitor reads, the more likely he or she is to take your desired action, be it a sale or an opt-in.
Using testimonials and endorsements
Having testimonials from satisfied customers is a proven way to increase conversion rates. It gives your website 'social proof' and the visitor will think that if others have experienced positive results with your product, then it possible for them to do so as well. You can also ask experts to endorse your product, further adding credibility to your business.
Ease the sales process
Your website should have one or two objectives only, whether to get the sale or/and opt-in. If you provide too many options, your visitor may get confused and live your website. Don't add too many links or Adsense advertisements to your website. If you make it easy and tell your visitor what to do, it is likely he'll follow your instructions. People actually like being told what to do! Albeit subconsciously.
Emphasize benefits in your sales copy
This may sound obvious, but a lot of marketers still do not adhere to do this. Benefits are more emotional-based and will pull more sales because ultimately, emotions are what make people buy!
There you have it, five tips to instantly increase your website's conversion rate. Start using them today, and instantly see an increase in your bottomline!
About the Author
Fabian Tan makes a short trip to his office everyday - his home! In 2006, he 'murdered' his job and now earns a solid income online. Go behind the scenes to discover more of his job-killing strategies and secrets at MurderYourJob.com

Lazy and Silent Way of Making Money

by Ian Fernando
Every now and again something comes along that is really unique, incredibly effective, and wonderfully profitable. Those things are rarely ever free, which is what makes what I'm about to tell you so outstanding. Whether you're new to earning money online or a seasoned Internet Marketing professional, you want to read this entire email immediately.
Now, to the heart of the matter.
I've built web sites that ranked well in the search engines, and I've sold affiliate products from those sites. I've setup hundreds of AdSense sites and profited handsomely from them as well. But the single biggest money maker I have ever had is my email list. There's just no getting around this truth: the money is in the list. To succeed in profiting from an email list, regardless of what kind of products you sell, you need to do two things:
1. Build a web site that gives people a reason to opt-in to the list. 2. Stay in contact with the people on that list, promoting products to earn back-end profits.
The trouble is that creating and staying in touch with your list is a lot of work. First, you need to give people a good reason to get on the list (which is harder than it sounds).
With so many people competing for the same email addresses these days, you need something truly exceptional to convince people that YOUR list is the one they need to be on.
That means lots of great benefits and a fine-tuned sales letter that really converts visitors into list members.
Once you've got them on your list, you need to keep them there. That means regularly creating and sending valuable information to your list members -- also no small task. Researching what's new, interesting and beneficial to your audience is almost a full-time job in itself!
Then you have to take all of that research and compile it into understandable emails that your list will really appreciate, building trust and a good relationship with them personally.
Along with that valuable information you need to give people good reasons to buy related products. After all, your purpose in building the list in the first place is to earn money, right?
Selling products to your list involves the time, effort and money necessary to find, purchase and test a wide range of products. Once you've found great products and become an affiliate, you then need to write convincing sales letters that really convert your list members into buyers.
Yes, I know from experience that building a list, managing a list, and profiting from a list is both the most profitable aspect of Internet Marketing -- and the most difficult one.
But what if you could send visitors to a site that has already been fine-tuned to convert visitors into list members at an incredible rate by giving away a powerful free report?
And what if that list was operated by a very talented copywriter and Internet Marketer who spent his own time and money to buy, test and sell to that list?
More importantly, what if YOU got paid for HIS efforts? Yes, what if all you had to do was send people to his site, and then you would profit both from the free report itself AND from every single email that this talented marketer sent to the list members you referred? And what if the report showed you some very effective tricks to refer signups even if you don't already have an email list or a web site?
All you would have to focus on doing is getting people to this marketer's web site, and he would do EVERYTHING ELSE while you made the profits!
In case you were lost in this little day-dream, wake up! This is no fantasy. This is the reality of Alok Jain's new Silent Profit Machine.
Alok Jain, the marketer who created On Demand Profits, has developed a system that does exactly what I've just described: by referring people to a high-converting web site that gives away a powerful free report in exchange for the visitor's contact information, you will earn a long-term income.
Can Alok write a sales letter that converts? Consider just one example: his On Demand Profits sales letter converts at the amazing rate of 30%! That means one in three people shell out the money to buy that product.
(I know this from experience because it converted that well when I told my list about it.)
Now, if Alok can get people to spend money at the rate of one in three, just imagine how many people he can get to sign-up for a free report...
And once they do, you'll earn money from the report itself AND from every single well-crafted email that Alok sends to the list each week. All you have to focus on doing is getting people to that web site. All of the hard stuff is taken care of for you.
This is not something you want to pass on. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from Alok's revolutionary new system.
Take my advice: let a pro do the work for you. Stick to the easy part--sending visitors to his web site. Enjoy the freedom of not having to care for the list yourself while still earning profits from every visitor who signs up, and for a long time to come.
This report is the most powerful 16 pages I've read in a very, very long time. Get your copy and read it NOW.
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I like to just sit back and relax - and all I did was download Aloks FREE Report!

Dave cool little website makes money

by Dave Purves
Famous Computer Geek Proves It To Be True: "You Really Can Make Money With eBay, Adsense, and Clickbank All From One Very Cool Little Website!"
From: Dave Purves, Tim Knox's Star Programmer Updated: Tuesday, 11:54AM CST
How you doing,
Dave Purves here. Actually, I'm a degreed computer-based systems engineer, not a programmer.
I'm also NOT a big time internet marketer or hot dog copywriter, so this will be short and sweet.
Tim asked me to write this short message to tell you about a website I built.
He calls it: "Dave's Cool Little Website" and I guess it is pretty cool because it brought in over a thousand bucks in Adsense, Clickbank, and eBay revenue the first month it launched.
To be honest, I didn't create my cool little website to make money.
It was actually an experiment that got out of hand.
See, I kept hearing about all these people making a ton of money with these simple little Google Adsense websites.
Everybody's Talking About Dave's Cool Little Website!
"I've already earned $1,000's from my Cool Little Website!"
"Every click puts money in my pocket!"
"$1,867 in first 10 days!"
"Generated hundreds of dollars in just a few days!"
"Increased our Clickbank revenues by 1,000%!"
"Wow, you can actually make money with every click!"
And I kept hearing about other people making money as affiliates selling Clickbank products.
And then I read about these people who have signed on with eBay's affiliate program and are making money just sending people over to eBay.
So I figured, heck, why not build a website that would make money from all three sources: Google Adsense, Clickbank affiliate programs, and eBay's affiliate program.
Then someone told me that I should put articles on the site so Google and the other search engines would find the site and add the content to the search listings to help drive traffic to the site.
So I set up a link to Tim's article database so it automatically adds articles to the site that search engines can spider and visitors can read.
Then someone else said that I should program in one of those eBay misspelling tools, so that's what I did.
I even included an eBay resources page.
When I finally finished my Cool Little Website I showed it to Tim and he just went nuts over it.
He thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen and wanted to tell everybody about it.
He just mentioned my Cool Little Website in one of his newsletters and I was swamped with emails from people wanting me to build them one of my Cool Little Websites.
I had to go into Tim's office and ask him to stop telling everybody about my site because I was getting 20 to 30 emails everyday from people wanting one.
You know what Tim said?
He said, "Dave, stop your whining and figure out a way to give these people their own cool little website!"
Well, it's taken me a couple of months and a bunch of hours (Tim wasn't too happy about that), but I have finally come up with a way to do just that.
I have created a program that let's me set up one of my Cool Little Websites encoded with YOUR Google Adsense, Clickbank, and eBay affiliate IDs.to see moreDave cool little website/ $97

Internet marketing Tools

by Jack Doran
Starting and developing an Internet based business can be a tricky endeavor as you try to learn all the ins and outs. And if you listen to all the hype about the "latest and greatest" Internet Marketing tools, you can become distracted from the original goal of your business...to build a steady stream of targeted traffic and to earn a decent living online.
That's why Internet Based Moms? brings you No Hype Internet Marketing Tool Reviews. It's our job to do the research, check out the programs and report back to you in an honest and informative way.
Time is money and your money is time...don't waste your time with the hype. Use both your money and time wisely. We've done most of the homework for you, now it's time to decide what works best for you and your business.
Use the menu on the right to guide your way trough the Internet Marketing Tool reviews.
Featured Internet Marketing Tools
Traffic Secrets by John ReeseFeatures: This extensive course on website traffic is an impressive collection of 6 DVDs, 6 CD-Roms, DVD transcripts and useful workbook. The course goes beyond just getting traffic to your site - it teaches you how to get targeted traffic and how to convert that traffic into sales.
The Definitive Guide to Google AdSenseby William Charlwood
Features: This ebook covers everything from getting approved to the AdSense program, ad placement for maximum profit, how to control how much you are paid per click and more.
Search Engine Optimization Strategiesby Michael Wong
Features: This search engine optimization e book is a huge manual that provides the straight goods about search engines in an informative and easy-to-understand way.
ArelisFeatures: Find quality link partners, analyze your competition, request links and keep track of sites linking to you.
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